Shaping the future of talent

Virtual Talent can scale like software, BUT

we don't expect brands or creators to write their own code!

Shaping the future of talent means making a better and more beautiful virtual world for creators. And my contributuion to that world is digital humans and virtual avatars.


I've been so fortunate to make a mark on the virtual talent landscape along with the whole team at Brud.


We proved the relevance of Virtual Talent. We proved that fans cared. We showed brands a new virtual ecosystem. Virtual characters have taken over the public spotlight. Teaming-up with fashion and tech giants alike, with social campaigns hitting heights of a 155+ Million reach in their first week. Digital avatars free brands from the limitations and risks that come with traditional talent and allow much more natural integration with the metaverse. 


A VIRTUAL TALENT who exists, communicates and problem solves... in real-time.

I was fortunate to work with IPsoft, creating their virtual talent: Amelia

Allowing real time expression and communication between virtual avatars and humans.

Amelia is a leader in IT and customer service automation and a pioneer in the realm of virtual agents. Boasting over 9 million active users, 108 languages and over 1,000 integrations.



Whereas virtual talent has no direct ties to our physical world. Digital humans or digital twins, are virtual copies of human talent. 

A-list talent from every industry will have digital avatars. These will require lifetime partnerships including maintenance, updates and continuous integrations with new and updated platforms to reach the highest visual fidelity, utility, and interoperability.


Your digital likeness and IP is something you should own. It needs to be proctected, maintained and safegaurded.

Blockchain technology and cryptography are pioneering important solutions allowing for verifyable digital identity and ownership. These are crucial breakthroughs that will demonstrate increasing importance as the digital universe rises, and questions around intellectual property and digital likeness only increase.


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